Cross Product Latex

Cross product latex, what exactly it is? How it is useful? In this article i am going to explain you clearly about cross product latex and how it is useful.

LaTeX is a command which creates the icon. ASCII character set can be used directly having several exceptions (for example- braces {}, pound sign #, backlash \, and percentage sign %). High-and low-position is indicated via the ^ and _ characters and is not explicitly specified. The LaTeX which is used in the cross product of two vectors is known as Cross Product LaTeX.

How to represent Cross product Latex ?

To represent a Cross Product we need to use a multiplication symbol to write the cross product in vectors. For which one needs to use \times command in LaTeX and this LaTeX is known by the name of Cross Product LaTeX.

Let us consider 2 vectors  and , their cross product will be:-

X b̅

It can also be represented in the form of LaTeX:- 





The above given two commands are used to represent the vector cross product in LaTeX. The first one is \vec{} in which only a single character is passed as an argument and it returns an arrow mark on the single character. And the other one which is the second zone is \times in which there is no need to pass an argument and it will return us the multiplication symbol. 

The result of the cross product also gives the output in vector form. Thus the result is written in the form of a unit vector and matrix.

Cross Product Latex in the form of Unit Vector

So this is the case where we will express the cross product in the unit vector with the magnitude of the vectors.

Considering 2 vectors  and , so the cross product of unit vector will be:-

x = | a x b | n

where a and b are the vectors and n is known as n cap. 



  $$\vec{a}\times\vec{b} =\left| \vec{a}\times\vec{b} \right |\hat{n}$$


For the value of sinø, one should need to use two Latex Commands which are \sin and \theta. The major use of \theta command is to return the theta symbol.



   $$\vec{a}\times\vec{b} =|\vec{a}||\vec{b}|\sin\theta\hat{n}$$


Thus the output of this will be:-

a x b = | a | | b | sinø n

To represent a character or a vector by mod/modulus, one has to use the \left and \right commands and pass the characters through both these statements. 

Also, when the unit vector is written one needs to use the \hat{} command which will return a cap on the character. Secondly, the value of the cross product is written in the form of sinø.


One could define these LaTeX equations by calling all other external packages. There are several commands in which one should have to pass any argument and there are many commands in which you have to pass more than one argument. The major factor is to understand all the commands for LaTeX and to use them accordingly to get the accurate cross-product of the vectors with a magnitude of the resultant vector.

Use Vector Cross product calculator to calculate cross product of two vectors

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