Teens and healthy food


Adolescence is a time of rapid growth. In fact, teens gain almost 50 percent of their adult weight during adolescence. However, they are less likely to eat a diet food. Teenagers know that eating right is important, but many teens don’t understand basic nutrition. They skip breakfast and always choose a lot of high-fat foods when snacking at fast food restaurants. Perhaps the worst offenders are teenagers who diet all the time and avoid healthy foods that they believe are “too fattening.”

Good eating habits start in early childhood, and that’s when parents need to start setting a good example. However, during adolescence, parents need to be more subtle in guiding food choices. They can’t control what teens eat or don’t eat during the day, but they can offer healthy options at home. Teenagers are impulsive eaters, they usually chew what they have on hand. So fill the refrigerator with healthy snacks. Serve a nutritious dinner and try to make lunchtime enjoyable. Also, be flexible when it comes to dinner times, keeping in mind a teenager’s often hectic schedule.

If your teen avoids eating healthy foods because he thinks they’re getting fat, scolding won’t help. Many experts believe this is the time for parents to step back and continue to offer healthy alternatives. Teens can be encouraged to eat fruits, cottage cheese, and yogurt. Natural milk and fruit juice are other good options. Getting teens to eat right can be a difficult task, but don’t give up. Now more than ever is the time to technify them. You are what you eat


Source by Sittichai Phajan