Whether you are into UFOs, astrobiology, extraterrestrial life, ancient aliens or space exploration in general, we all have the same result: First contact with alien life. First contact does not necessarily mean contact with intelligent life, it rather means that the discovery of ALL forms of life outside the earth is considered first contact.

However, it is a vast universe out there, and exploring it with our current propulsion means will not be a viable solution. Putting a few people in a small capsule on top of a firework will not do the job. Spaces in space are simply too fast for our current propulsion systems.

So what are the other options? There are currently a few different projects under development. Nuclear-based, ion-based, solar particles and some other concepts. However, none of these options will at best give us more than approx. 90% of the speed of light, and it’s still way too slow for serious interstellar exploration. So what’s left? Answer: Warp Drive or Stargate Technology. I can see some of you rolling your eyes right now, “But it’s Sci-Fi.” Well, not so fast. In fact, both options have a solid scientific basis. While we are still a while away from building a fully functional chain engine or a working Stargate, the gap between science fiction and science facts is closing quickly. Even before Albert Einstein formulated his theories of space and time decades ago, the idea of ​​a kind of “Light Speed” vehicle already existed. But it was not until the last few decades that science began to seriously look at the feasibility of both concepts.

We will, of course, take a closer look at the pros and cons of both concepts and dig deep into space and time travel. However, it is clear that we can not do it within a single article. So therefore we divide it into a short series so that we can look at it in depth. Together, we venture far to the edge of science and technology to see where science is meeting Science Fiction and becoming Science reality. So come back often so as not to miss future articles or news. Also look at my resource section to keep you updated. Come and follow me with a look into the future.


Source by Werner Leo